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One of the largest esports titles in Tunisia, there's always an exciting challenge around the corner with Free Fire.

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Riot makes some of the most renowned competitive esports titles in the world. Check out what's happening in the world of League of Legends, Wild Rift, Valorant and more.

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Check out the official Valorant Twitch channel. We'll have tons of great community events and challenges coming for Riot's 5v5 esports titles coming soon!


How do I join the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Platform?

Jumping into your favourite games with friends or starting to earn rewards and prizes for tournaments and prizes is as simple as clicking here and creating an account on our Ooredoo EZ Gaming Platform!

Once you’ve created your esports and gaming community account, you’ll be able to take the tour of our one-stop home for multiplayer gaming, tourneys and matches, as well as learn how to earn, spend and cash-in your rewards and prizes.

We’ll even start you out with 30 free points just for making an account!

What games are available on the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Platform?

The short answer is ‘any game our players want,’ but to begin, our platform supports gaming and esports tournaments, challenges and multiplayer video game community events for more than 25 of the industry’s most popular AAA titles, including: League of Legends, Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Rocket League, FIFA, Tekken and many, many more.

Click here to jump into the community and see what works for you!

What’s different about the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Platform?

There are other options that offer tournaments, other shops to buy in-game items and redeem prizes and even other ways to meet people who play your game; HOWEVER, the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Platform is the ONLY place where you can do all of them in one place, with regular and active moderation, daily challenges and prizes, complete in-game item and prize redemption and a direct line to players in YOUR region and community.

Take the randomness and frustration out of public matchmaking, add the ease and excitement of prize pools, tournaments and cash-outs and a home where you and your favourite games belong and that’s the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Platform experience.

What are you waiting for? Let’s Go!!

How do I get rewards for playing in games and tournaments?

Rewards are given in the form of our platform currency, Ember Points, for completing challenges, watching streams, participating in community events and so much more! Points can then be redeemed in our in-platform store for a variety of items from pre-paid cards, to in game items, skins and currencies like FreeFire diamonds, Apex Coins and more.

This way, you get to choose what reward best suits you, instead of being told what swag you SHOULD get for winning. Check out the kinds of in-store items you can pick up on the Ember Store marketplace here.

What kinds of rewards can I redeem my on the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Platform?

We are constantly adding to the types of items and currencies you can redeem your points for. These are worthy items too, no vendor trash. We offer subscription benefits on phone, internet and data services with our partners, we offer retail gear like headphones, parts and peripherals from our brand partners and, of course, swanky in-game skins, boosters and currencies for your favourite games.

Check out the full menu of what’s available in the Ooredoo EZ Store here.

How do I join a team for my favourite game?

The first step is to sign up for the Ooredoo EZ Gaming platform and create a profile. From there, you’ll want to join our dedicated Discord server for your hub. A vast majority of our community events, tournaments and game community activity starts and thrives in our Discord communities.

On the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Hub you’ll see the whole schedule of tournaments and challenges coming up for your game or games and the Discord family is where you’ll find lots of like-minded players to jump into a team with:

Join the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Hub

Join the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Hub Discord Server